Blog Tour: Jaxson by J.K. Snow

She had to pack up and move; leaving all the ghosts behind.What she didn't expect; to meet the town's gorgeous damaged asshole.Her best friend warned her, told her to stay away, but she couldn't. One look into those damaged and empty eyes, she knew she saw her ownreflection. She was determine to peel away his layers. Even though he scared the shit out of her, she knew their was a realman hidden somewhere beneath that gorgeous stack of muscle and hair. She will take a chance with Jaxson, breaking his walls down. After all,a person with nothing has nothing left to lose.

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Good read! From the start up to 
the last, I was hooked in the story. 
Jaxson's story made me somewhat emotional
He detached himself from other people 
because of what happened to him on the past. 
As the story goes, Shay will learn Jaxson's 
secrets...but with danger lurking, things 
will get more interesting and intense. 
 J.k. Snow did an amazing job in this book!
Loved it!     

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