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Can you handle the STORM?

After a mission gone horribly wrong, Storm Alexander finds herself a prisoner of RARE’s sworn enemy…The General.  She has always been a warrior, one to stand up for what she believes in, but one thing is for certain.  If she does not find a way to escape soon, she may not live long enough to fight again.  Just when Storm thinks she cannot continue, his voice whispers through her mind. 

Don’t give up, my mate. 

Steele Maddox used to be one of the General’s most trusted soldiers, until he made one crucial mistake.  Now he lives in captivity, tortured and experimented on daily.  He stays strong and endures the hell he has found himself in for two reasons, and two reasons only; until he catches her scent.       

Time is running out, and a decision must be made.  

Will Steele and Storm fight for one another?  Will Steele choose to save Storm, or will he stay in hell to keep his loved ones safe?

What the readers are saying:

Another good PNR! ~ TheBookDisciple

Are you ready for a sexy Storm ~ Melissa

Loved Storms story !! ~ Book Nook Nuts                 

Stormed my heart!!! ~ Charmarie

Time to shake things up a bit.~ Niki

"This is a stunning Series!" ~ Roxie's Romance Reviews


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Interesting read with full of surprises! Saving Storm is Storm and Steele's story. Storm, a member of RARE who has psychic ability and a werewolf. Steele, a man who has a past with Angel. When Storm was captured by the enemy, things will get intense...but an unexpected thing happened to her. She met her mate, the one that fate destined for her. But with the experiments and the things she went through in the hands of the enemy, things will get intense! Ms. Dawn did a good job in making Saving Storm interesting and full of surprises! There may be some parts that I was a bit unsatisfied, but still love this book. 

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