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Ancient Hunger Cover Reveal

Ancient Hunger Cover Reveal

After a messy breakup, Tristan Webb decides to get a simple tattoo. A small bit of cuneiform depicting the most ancient goddess, from the masterful fingers of Enzu, almost as old as Ishtar herself. From this tattoo, old curses become unstable, and a desperate immortal desires a sacrifice, but a century too late. The Goddess protects and a wayward king finally gets to mete out justice.

Cover Reveal: Interconnected Hearts by Bethany Daniel

Interconnected Hearts 
Expected release date December 15th.
Synopsis: You met and fell in love with Krista and Scott as their love grew along side the rekindled love of their best friends, Liam and Katy, and now you get to watch their love bloom.
Krista Quinn-Adams is a tough chick, and the center of her husband's, movie star Scott Adams, world. In the short time they have been together they have already had to deal with a crazy actress that tried to take out their friend Katy and almost took down Krista while she was at it, and the paparazzi following them around every corner, and now they are adjusting to the real world. Krista has an everyday job as a counselor at a high end high school in Los Angeles doing what she does best, and Scott is busy filming his newest movie with a young up and coming actress, Zoie Reese.
A phone call from the head of Excite Entertainment, Mitchell Fallon, makes their jobs collide. Krista brings her expertise to the table trying to help the young act…

Release Day Blitz: Finding Willow by Dawn Robertson

Sex is all I have ever known. 
It started at an early age, and never stopped. Men, women, threesomes, foursomes, orgies. Fuck it, whatever goes.
Twenty eight years old and nothing to show for my life but a fat bank account, and an impressive porn catalogue; all featuring yours truly; Starburst Bloom.
I'm at a crossroads, and I have a choice to make. I choose salvation. I choose life. I choose myself, for the first time ever.
I will find her. I will find the life I was forced to give up.  I just pray that he stays out of my way.

Finding Willow is for 18+ audiences.  There is a mild abuse flashback, which may not be suitable for all readers.

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Finding Willow is the second book in the Hers series.
You have to read Hers to understand most of it, the buy links for Hers are: Amazon: B&N: ht…

Cover Reveal: Letting Go by J.M. Witt


When your past threatens to destroy your future; how long will you hang on before Letting Go? Cassidy Charles is picking up the pieces of her life after another terrible tragedy.  The last thing she's looking for is love.  James bursting back into her life is the last thing she expected, but possibly everything she needs.  She can’t deny the attraction, but can she get past the fact that he may be the reason she’s lost so much?  He opens up a whole new world to her that she’s only dreamed about and that she easily falls into.  As a result, her relationship with him reveals secrets from her past she thought were long forgotten. James Benedict III, local playboy and successful real estate investor hasn’t stopped thinking about her since that fateful night all those months ago.  He has her back in his life, but for how long?  Forever if he has anything to say about it.  As more and more secrets from her past are revealed, his own demons and tragedies loom overhead threatening t…

Cover Reveal: Office Perks by S L Siwik

Synopsis of Office Perks

From a broken home, Victoria Wright knows how to survive. Realizing at a young age that her looks attracted men, she learned how to manipulate and seduce men to make it. Working as a high class hooker, to a bartender, Victoria has been making good money for years. Until her best friend and husband die in a car accident, leaving Victoria the caretaker of their eight year old daughter. Convinced her wild life is not good enough for Kendall, Victoria manages to get a position at Townsend Realty Co. Her attraction to Mr. Townsend, Mr. Hurley’s step-brother, is instantaneous and overwhelming. But, after five years of nothing but professionalism, Victoria is convinced he wants nothing to do with her romantically. When money tightens, however, Victoria finds herself dragged back into her old life. Mr. Townsend understands her need for more money, and propositions her…Be with him and only him for weekly cash. It’s an offer she can’t or doesn’t want to refuse. But, wha…

Blog Tour: Taming the Boy Next Door by MJ Carnal


Caleb Allen was your typical boy next door. Growing up in a prestigious suburb of Los Angeles, he lived a life most only dreamed about. As one of the original Moretti men, he caught the eye of countless women with his clean cut good looks and chivalry. But behind closed doors, he commanded attention, becoming a dominant force that was anything but timid. After a misunderstanding that jeopardized the wellbeing of the group and a near fatal accident that nearly cost him his best friend, Mark Moretti, Caleb was determined to become the loyal and devoted man he had been in the past. The minute Dr. Jena Turner stepped from the ICU with news of Mark’s condition, Caleb’s world spun off its axis. Several chance encounters only deepened his desire to make her his. He longed to prove that the life he preferred was one of pleasure and passion. But, Jena Turner has a secret that haunts her. Hiding from her past, a simple moment in the heat of passion sends her running in fear. An un…

Cover Reveal: Pieces For You by Genna Rulon

Title:Pieces for You (For You #2) Author: Genna Rulon Genre: New Adult 18+ Publication Date: December 17, 2013 Event organized by: Literati Author Services, Inc.

~ Synopsis ~
"The phoenix hope, can wing her way through the desert skies, and still defying fortune's spite; revive from ashes and rise.” -Miguel de Cervantes
Samantha Whitney survived unimaginable tragedy only to discover she had been betrayed by a man who claimed to love her. Shattered, Sam spends months at a safe haven trying to piece herself back together. Ready or not, the time has come for her to return home.

As Sam struggles to resume a life that no longer feels familiar, she finds unwavering support in an unexpected, familiar face. Confronting Sam’s raw emotions and open wounds head-on, Griffin manages to take two steps forward for every step she retreats.

But when Sam is once again threatened, Griffin must decide how far he is willing to go to protect the woman he wants…knowing the cost of her safety is the ri…

Book Blast: My Life for Yours by Margaret McHeyzer

 My Life for Yours

Author: Margaret McHeyzer  Genre: Darker Contemporary Romance 18+  Publication Date: November 14, 2013 Cover Designed By: Sprowt Graphic Design  Event organized by: Literati Author Services, Inc.
Synopsis He’s lived a life of high society and privilege; he chose to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a Senator. She’s lived a life surrounded with underworld activity; she had no choice but to follow in her father’s footsteps and take on the role of Mob Boss. He wants to stamp out organised crime and can’t be bought off. She's the ruthless and tough Mob Boss where in her world all lines are blurred. Their lives are completely different, two walks of life on the opposite ends of the law. Being together doesn’t make sense. But being apart isn’t an option. 
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About the Author 
I love to read. I'm a huge fan of books and …

Cover Reveal: Backward Compatible by Sarah Daltry and Pete Clark

Title: Backward Compatible Author: Sarah Daltry and Pete Clark Genre: Geek Romance

Not too long ago, in a town that, depending on your current location, is either not super far or actually quite close…
It is a time of chaotic hormones. Two nerdy gents home for winter break have discovered a female gamer at a midnight release.
During the break, the gamer trio manages to reveal the game’s secret boss, a hidden enemy with enough power to destroy anything in its path.
Pursued by other gamers who want to be the first to beat this boss, George and Katie race to level up, and, in so doing, restore decency and sexual activity to their personal galaxy…
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