Review Policy:

  1. Books reviewed are legally acquired.
  •   Bought from amazon and/or smashwords 
  •  Won by giveaways entered
  •  Given by authors/publishers in exchange for an honest review
     2.  I am not paid in exchange for these book reviews. All my/our book reviews are free.

     3. Accept request book(s) to review. (From Authors, Publishers, and Readers)

     4. The author of the review (Book Reviewer) is responsible for the following:
                (a) how he/she will acquire the book that he/she will review
                (b) responsible for not sharing the acquired book to others ILLEGALLY
                (c) if and only if the reviewer shared the book illegally or violates any copyright violation,
                     he/she will be banned on the site and is solely responsible for any legal charges that
                     she/he will  be facing
                (d) he/she is responsible for all his/her posts or reviews

      5. Some reviews may/may not be posted on the blog but are found on the Reviewer's amazon,
          smashwords, librarything, and/or goodreads account.

      6. I/We give HONEST reviews on the books we read. If I/we think that the book deserves a
          5 star rating, it is because I/we liked or loved it.

      7. It depends on the Reviewer if he/she will review the requested book (especially the Reader's
          Request Books).

      8. Reviewers must post the review on the date of when the review is due (if there's a specified
          date of when the review must be posted).

Genre of Books:

  • Fiction - Young Adult
  • Fiction - New Adult
  • Fiction - Romance (Paranormal, Historical and Contemporary)
  • Fiction - Mystery
  • Fiction - Suspense
  • Fiction - Erotica (I/We do not accept gay or lesbian type to review.. sorry)
      **I sometimes accept other genres 


  • Preferred formats (books): epub, pdf and doc only <subject to change depending on the reviewer>
  • I/We accept hosting Blog Tours, Cover Reveals, Hosting Giveaways, Book Spotlight, Author Spotlight (and others, depending on what it is)
  • If you want to be a part of our reviewing team, just let me now.


Any changes/updates to the posted policy will be announced on the site..

Feel free to comment for clarification and other stuffs..

Feel free to comment as long as it's not senseless..


Myra E.

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