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Cover Reveal: Heart's Compass Series by Brooke O'Brien

Series: Heart's Compass Series Author: Brooke O'Brien Cover Design: Najla Qamber Designs

Title: Where I Found You (Heart's Compass #1) Contemporary Romantic Suspense
How do you protect your heart? 
Build a wall.  Lock it away.  Let no one in.  Everyone should have a childhood worth remembering. Only I remember mine for all the wrong reasons. Starting over in a new town is hard enough. When you are running from your past, it doesn't get any easier.  I was ready to say goodbye to the burdens I have carried. The pain I’ve experienced is more than anyone should have to face.  Then I met him...  He takes my breath away. I can’t ignore the way he makes me feel. I know he has the power to destroy me.  And that's what scares me the most.

Release Blitz: The Dating Alternative by Jennifer Woodhull

Today we have the release day blitz of THE DATING ALTERNATIVE by Jennifer Woodhull! Check it out and grab your copy now!

Title: THE DATING ALTERNATIVE Author: Jennifer Woodhull Genre: Romantic Comedy
Max has crushed on Brie for as long as he's known her but the timing was never right. When he finds out they're finally single at the same time, he's poised to move from friend zone to serious dating... until he finds out she's only looking for something physical. He offers his services in hopes she'll come around. Just when things are starting to go his way, a shocking turn of events snatches her from his grasp. Now he has to resurrect the life he thought he'd left behind to help the woman he's falling in love with before it's too late.
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“I could help you, you know. It would be an investment,” she says, glancing at me from under her eyebrows. She knows my response will be the same a…