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Review Tour: Desired by Kelly Elliott

I thought all I wanted in my life was to succeed at football and one day take over my grandfather’s ranch. Nothing else mattered but those two things. Why suddenly did she appear every single night in my dreams? The faceless woman who had me waking up each morning soaked in sweat with my heart nearly pounding right out of my chest. Who was she? Where was she? And why was she the one thing I desired more than anything?   

 The front door immediately opened, and four girls trickled out. I tried like hell to get a better look at them all.   “Stay here,” Jeff ordered us.   Once the door shut, Josh let out a laugh. “Is it just me, or does Jeff seem like he’s lost his damn mind?”   “Not just you,” Brad stated.   I watched as one of the girls moved closer to Jeff. Her brown hair was piled on top of her head, and her back was toward us.   “I can’t get a good look at her, damn it,” I whispered.   “Me either,” Brad stated.   Josh practically crawled into the front seat. “Do yo…

Release Blitz: Tattered (A Tattered Duet #2) by Brooke O'Brien

Title: Tattered Series: A Tattered Heart Duet #2 Author: Brooke O'Brien Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: March 30, 2018

Maverick Night is bad news. He made me want things I knew I shouldn't but did. Now my brother's best friend is back, but we are both different people. Time changed us. I crave the way my heart beat when he used to look at me, how it felt to be in his arms. Nothing good will come from opening myself up to him. I just hope my tattered heart can take it if he walks away again. TORN and TATTERED are companion novellas to the Heart's Compass series. You do NOT need to read the Heart's Compass books in order to enjoy the Tattered Heart duet, however, it is highly recommended that you read Torn first.

"With the ending to the last book, Brooke tore my heart out. With this one, she put it back together. Her words flowed together seamlessly in a perfect ending (or beginning) for Ryan and Maverick." - Kacie, Nerdy, Dirty & Flirty "I love…