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Title:  Sapphire’s  Divinity

Author:  Justine  Winter

Release  Date:  27th  August  2014
Genre:  New  Adult  Paranormal  Romance


I  was  a  hybrid  werewolf  with  a  secret  destiny  shadowed  by  a  prophecy  the  Ancient  Guardians  foretold.  The  same  Ancient  Guardians  that  had  organised  the  annual  Alpha  summit  Riley  had  been  summoned  to.

Since  Jackson’s  demon  threat  everyone  was  powered  up  on  overtime  at  the  gym.  Train,  sweat,  repeat.  Train,  sweat,  repeat.

But  all  that  rage-filled  preparation  wasn’t  enough.  We  were  being  targeted  by  something  new,  and  it  didn’t  stop  there.

The  summit  was  proving  to  be  my  nemesis.  Egotistical  morons  challenged  me  with  threats  to  the  one  I  loved,  and  I  knew  I  couldn’t  endure  a  life  without  Riley.

Besides  all  of  that,  there  was  one  thing  I  was  finally  understanding  about  the  supernatural.  Nothing  was  as   it  seemed.

Not  even  me.

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My Review:

Sapphire's Destiny, another book with a SLAM!
Ms. Justine did it again.
From the start up to the last, I enjoyed reading this book.
Sapphire's Divinity is the second book of Nature's Destiny.
Luna's adventure continues.

The characters, Luna as usual rocked it.
She's strong and I love how she handled things.
Riley, hot as hell alpha and strong.
Both characters made the story interesting
plus another set of new characters
added the book more spice!
The new characters are amazing!
I love them all!!!

The story, gah! Loved it!
From the start up to the last everything is great! 
There's no dull moments and I was definitely hooked!
This book is packed with hotness,
romance and ACTION!
Oh and let's not forget the supernaturals!
I got chills on the action parts... brrr..
I feel like I was one of the characters!
Anyway, the way the story goes for this book
is great.You will never be disappointed!
Ms. Justine nailed it again!
She rocked my world!
WOOHOO wolves!! 

About the Author:

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I’ve always lived a life based on my imagination, from hopeless dreams of romance to concocting alternate realities involving supernaturals. I’m completely fascinated with anything hero-related, and often speculate which superpower I’d possess. I haven’t settled on one yet.

I was born in England, and currently reside in Wales, UK. I love to write, and most days you’ll find me happily tapping away at the computer whilst in my pyjama-clad bubble. I also spend my time reading, and if that isn’t enough I’m often in the kitchen baking up a treat.

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