Blog Tour: Drake by J. K. Snow

When Summer Oliver returns to her hometown busted up and hoping her brother
can hid her, she has no idea he is staying with Drake Avery. The one man she
has always wanted.

Now hiding from The Ravens, a biker gang that is determine to find her, it will
be up to her and some of the Avery brothers to protect her.

Drake is shocked when he finds the one woman he has always had feelings for in his house and completely broken. He will do anything to protect her, even if that means killing the men that are hunting her. Summer has always been considered a kid sister to the Avery boys but Drake is about to change that title. She will be his.

Interesting read and full of surprises. 
I love that there's some action in it but 
there are times that I can't feel the characters 
feelings for each other (like if they really felt 
something with each other and all). 
But still, I love the story though, it's full of surprises 
that made me brace on what will happen next! 
Loved it.





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