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The Oakville Series (Books 1 - 5) by Kathy-Jo Reinhart
Genre:  Romance


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Six years ago, Amber fled her hometown and family heartbroken and humiliated. Now, after walking in on her fianc√© holding another woman’s legs in the air and screaming her name, Amber is headed back home to Oakville, ready for a fresh start in the town she’s always loved.
Determined to get back to her life, Amber gets a waitressing job at KC’s Bar & Grille. After a few weeks of working there, she finally sets in to a happy routine with help from her new friend, Holly. That is, until she meets KC, the owner, her boss, and the man who just happens to be the reason she left so many years ago. The man she never got over.

Enter Kyle. He’s sexy, charming, the lead singer of a small town band, and owner of KC’s Bar & Grille. When Amber left all those years ago, he became a shell of the man he was. Broken, confused, and desperate, Kyle began his new life where nothing mattered aside from music and women, sometimes more than one at a time. Finally realizing that he hated the person he was becoming, he moves back to Oakville with his band to focus on the bar. Still playing a few small gigs here and there, Kyle and his band return home after a month only to walk straight into Amber, the girl who broke his heart and left without a word.

With a short, heated conversation revealing that it was all just a misunderstanding, Kyle and Amber are determined to start over again and let the past stay in the past. This is the second chance neither of them dreamed they would get and they aren’t going to waste it. Unfortunately, living in this small town isn’t as safe as it would seem. With people determined to tear them apart and old flings resurfacing, will Amber and Kyle be able to hold onto their second chance? Or will it all slip through their fingers?



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Wow!! This book is awesome!
One of my favorite books read!!
Amazing! I love the story and the characters. 
From the start up to the last, this book held my interest all throughout!

The characters, Amber and Kyle are easy to love and like. 
I easily get attached to these two. 
I love the chemistry of the characters and the romance build-up are easily felt. 
The other characters are also good. 
Love them.. 

The story, loved it. 
I'm in love with the story! 
The flow is also good.
The way the story ended, I was like "What the".. 
OMG!! I can't believe that happened!! 
I can't wait on what will happen next to Amber and Kyle!  

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After six years of being apart, Amber and Kyle finally found each other again, only to be ripped apart once more by a force they couldn't control. After a tragic accident that almost takes Amber's life, she's left in a hospital without any memory. She doesn't know who she is, let alone the man that she married and has loved since childhood.

When Amber finally wakes from her coma, Kyle feels like he can breathe again. The hope that he has held onto every day he has sat in the hospital with her has pulled through. They can now push Beau behind them and finally get the happily ever after they deserve. Only, Amber has no idea who he is.

Feeling his hope wither away once more, Kyle sets out and makes it his personal duty to help her remember, or make her fall in love with him again. After all, they have a connection that can pull through anything, and will.

Is their love really enough to conquer even the most difficult and life-altering situations?

Trust is lost, promises are broken, and hearts are shattered.

Will Kyle and Amber be able to withstand the changes ahead of them, or will it tear them apart for good?


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Remember Me is a total knock out read! 
I love this book!! 
Remember Me is the second book of the Oakville series, continuation of Kyle and Amber's story.. 
**Note: You must read book 1 First Love to understand the whole story.)
Anyway, I was hooked on this book. 
No dull moments and I was not disappointed on how things went on this book. 

After Amber woke up from a coma, both characters will face the challenges that 
will test their love and trust with each other. 
An unexpected person will try to break them apart and will get what she or he wanted. 

The twist and turns of this book had me crying on some parts and wants to punch the living daylights of some characters. 
All in all verdict, from book 1 up to 2....? is 5 Paw Marks!!! 
Ms. Kathy-Jo did an amazing job in making the series and the characters amazing!!  

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Holly Anders was abandoned by her mother at birth. Growing up shuffled around from one foster home to another, she never thought she’d be loved. When she married Ray right out of high school, she thought she’d finally have the perfect fairy tale life, but it quickly turned into her worst nightmare.

Finally able to find the strength, she runs as far and as fast as she can away from the nightmare, finding herself in the small town of Oakville, where she begins her new life. The last thing on Holly’s mind is dating or men. She’s not anywhere close to being ready to trust another man. Sometimes she wonders if she’ll ever be. She was damaged when she met Ray, but he broke her — maybe forever.

Paul Walters spent his first sixteen years fearing his father’s beatings, but taking them in order to spare his mother from as much of the abuse as possible. When an unspeakable tragedy strikes, he leaves his hometown and heads for Los Angeles. Guilt and fear cause him to spend the next few years drowning his sorrows in booze, drugs, and random women. He refuses to allow himself to get close to anyone; the fear of becoming a monster like his father keeping him from believing a relationship with a woman is possible.

Things begin to change when Paul meets Kyle and sees something in him that reminds him of himself. They quickly become friends after forming a band with two other guys. Paul realizes he’s missed being part of a family. Deciding they don’t like the path they’re on, they leave L.A. for Kyle’s hometown of Oakville. Paul is ready to start over, but he still vows never to fall in love.
When Paul and Holly meet, the chemistry is undeniable. Is it possible for two people to find the courage to let someone in again after they’ve had their hearts and souls shattered by those they loved and trusted most?



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Protect Me, the 3rd book of the Oakville series, is an AMAZING read!
Just like the first 2 books in the series, this book gave me chills. 
The characters and the story are amazing and heart-stopping. 
This book is about Paul and Holly’s story. 
In this book, I got to meet Paul and Holly more, know them and fall in love with them.
The book started where book 2 left off. 
At first things are good but an unexpected guest arrived that made things complicated. 
The one person Holly did not think she’ll ever see again. 
As the story goes, things get more complicated and Paul and Holly’s relationship will be tested. 
Ms. Kathy-Jo nailed it again!!! 
One of my favorite reads this year!  

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Can opposites really attract? Chelsie Amell is a shy wholesome girl looking for the forever kind of love. Angel Walker is a guilt ridden man whore who is not capable of love. Both are wildly attracted to each other, but do everything in their power to fight it.Will their pasts leave a barrier between them they can't cross? Or will they climb it together and over come it all?  


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Redeem Me, book 4 of the Oakville series, is Angel’s story. In this book, you’ll learn things about Angel and the reason behind his reputation. What I love about this book is that, it’s full of surprises and made me want to cry on some parts. I fall in love with Angel in this book more. Despite his reputation, he’s protective on the people he loves and who he holds dear. There might be times that I want to kick Angel though. lol..But I still love him. =) 

Just like the other books in the series, this book is filled with emotional scenes that will make you love it more. Ms. Kathy-Jo freakin’ nailed it again!!!!!!!!!   

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MARCUS and Taryn Winters along with their six year old son Chase, have a wonderful life. They are ready to expand their perfect little family, but for some reason it's not happening as easily as they think it should. A trip to the doctor’s office delivers a crushing blow to Taryn. No one is prepared for the news she receives.  With the help of their friends Marcus and Taryn try to deal the best they can with the life changing event that’s taken place.
After tragedy leaves Marcus and Chase forever changed, they need to find a way to piece their lives back together. Both of them are spiraling out of control. When Marcus gets called in to speak with Chase’s teacher his world is again turned upside down

LEXI has spent years trying to keep her past where it belongs. In the past. After her husband left her for her best friend she moved to Oakville hoping to start over. She starts to notice problems with one of her students and calls in his father for a conference. The minute she meets Marcus an intense need to help him takes over. She will fight harder than she ever has to bring Marcus and Chase back to life.


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Eeeekkk!!! Ms. Kathy-Jo nailed it again!!! From the start, I also started tearing up. Marcus and Taryn are living happily but an unexpected event will tear them apart. Then, when Marcus and Lexi met, things changed between the two. As the story goes, it will go interesting and full of surprises. Still, it gets me teary eyed on some parts - aside from the start. Truly this book is full of unexpected things and I was hooked with it! Ms. Kathy-Jo did it again!

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After growing up in Saranac Lake, a small town in upstate NY, Kathy-Jo Reinhart returned to her birth place and where she spent her summers with her grandparents, St. Petersburg, Florida, after graduating High School. The sub zero climate and piles of snow definitely weren’t a loss, in her opinion, and this is where she still resides with her Husband of fifteen years and their eleven year old son, who they lovingly refer to as their miracle baby. A name righteously earned after a very difficult and scary pregnancy with 7 1/2 months on complete bed rest.

By day, she works as an Office Manager for a construction company started by her grandfather and uncle. Like most people, she has a love hate relationship with her job, but cherishes all the years she was able to work side by side with her grandfather before he passed away.

Writing has always been something that she has loved. In school, creative writing was her favorite class. Writing a book was something she had always wanted to do, but was too afraid she didn't have what it took to make it happen. After going from working sixty hours a week to twenty, she found herself with a lot of extra time on her hands and decided it was time to take the leap. Crossing her fingers and closing her eyes, she jumped into creating the Oakville series and hasn’t looked back.

The first five star review she received after First Love, the first book in the Oakville series, was published, left her speechless, overwhelmed with emotion, and so blown away that someone really liked what she had written. Her initial fears seemed to calm and reassured her that others love her writing just as much as she loves doing it. How it will all turn out, still remains a mystery, but she’s having a blast seeing where these characters will take her.

When she isn’t spending time with her characters, she enjoys reading, spending time with her family, scrapbooking, and doing ancestry research.


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