Cover Reveal: Don't Let Go by Liz Upton

Cayson Peterson has struggled with depression since his childhood. Trying to live up to his super star older brother’s footsteps and his father’s disappointment is almost too much for Cayson to handle. A suicide attempt and a desperate race to save his life, leaves Cayson struggling to find where he fits in, in a town that practically worships its football players. 
Believing that he can never be as good as his brother, Cayson starts partying and his drinking until one day Cayson’s drinking as unimaginable consequences and leaves Cayson struggling with guilt. He becomes determined to prove to the town that he isn’t the loser that everyone believes him to be. He wants nothing more than to make up for the mistakes he has made. Can Cayson prove everyone wrong and become the responsible person that his brother was determined to help him become?

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