Release Blitz: Reclaimed by Vicki Green

Title: Reclaimed
Author: Vicki Green
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Suspense
Release Date: June 14, 2016

Mysterious with a bad-boy exterior--he could destroy her in the blink of an eye.

Devoted to the sick and hurt, Saige Benton must return home to help her father, turning her life upside down. 

But when Dax Stevens enters her world, everything changes rapidly. 

For Saige, life will never be the same, again.

**This book is intended for 18+ readers


“You’re not driving,” he growls. What’s with all the growling?

Now I’m pissed. I take an unlady like stumble back and cross my arms, hoisting up my lady’s. “Now, look here, Mister – Mister –Ugh! Whoever you are. I’m perfectly capable of driving my car. And, what’s with all the growling? Who pissed in your post toasties?” Post Toasties. Cereal. Food. My stomach grumbles and bile rises to the base of my throat. I slap myself hard by covering my mouth with my hand, the feel of beads of sweat covering my forehead. “I’m gonna be sick,” I mutter into my hand.

“What?” His eyes widen as he stares at my hand covering my mouth.

“I said I’m gonna be sick,” I yell into my hand then feel the bile rising further into my throat. I dry heave and start to bend over.

“Fucking hell,” he growls as he runs behind me, lifts me into the air and carries me over to the bushes on the other side of the front steps of the bar.

EEEKKK!! Reclaimed is another one of my favorite reads this year. From the start up to the last, I was hooked on this book! The characters and the story are amazing!!! This book made me fall in love, laugh, swoon and also teary eyed on some parts. Saige and Dax's story left a mark in me. The events that happened in Saige made me realize that you must have a bonding or quality time with your loved ones because life is so unpredictable. Love this book! 

**sigh** I wish I could tell you more about this book, but sadly I can't so I won;t spoil the story for you guys.. But I guarantee you that this book is amazing!  

Best selling Author of Romance and Romance Suspense, Vicki lives in Kansas with her husband and two boys as well as their 3 dogs that rule their house. She loves spending time with her family and furbabies.

Look for more Romance books as well as future projects such a Romantic Comedies.

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