Re-release Tour: Double Take (Serial Killer Unit Book 1) by Allie Redman

Double Take (Serial Killer Unit Book 1) by [Redman, Allie]

Dawson Freeman led a simple, small town life. He was beginning his career as a police officer in his hometown when tragedy struck and his sister was murdered….

10 years later Dawson is still chasing a murderer who disappeared without a trace but a call at 3 am changes all that.

Now Dawson is in a race for his life and the people around him trying to stop a psychotic killer hell bent on destroying him. Then just when he thinks he is on the right path a blast from his past comes back in the form of the sexy bombshell Sam.

Will Dawson be able to keep the people he loves safe or will a murderer slip through the cracks once again?

Interesting and full of suspense book! The way the story started is good. I love how I was easily intrigued with the story. The story and the characters are good. There may be times that I want to kick Dawson (on the start because of how he left someone) but as the story goes, I started to like him tho. Anyway, what I love about the story is that Ms. Allie had me guessing on who the killer is and what will happen next. Full of suspense, with a touch of drama and of course romance! Nice book! Readers who loves suspense, this book is for you!

Allie is 33 year old mother of 3. She was born and raised in the Central interior of British Columbia, Canada. She enjoys life in the outdoors and when she isn’t writing she is out working on her farm.
She has been a book nerd at heart and always loved the escape of a good book. From Jane Austin to Stephen King she loves them all. She welcomes all her fans to come join her on her Facebook, Twitter and Amazon account where there will be lots of fun and giveaways and you can interact with her.


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