Book Blitz: Adventures of Toy Boy and the Lost Diamond by Smith Barner

Adventures of Toy Boy and the Lost Diamond 
by Smith Barner
Release Date: May 8, 2017
Genre: Childrens

John Puram, the smart kid in 4th grade, is going to spend the day on a school field trip. 
It’s going to be fun, and he’s excited about visiting the museum. But the day starts off with one of John’s toys coming to life and the real adventure begins with more excitement than he could imagine!

Smith Barner is a guy who loves his wife and daughter! He enjoys cartoons with his daughter and sometimes force his wife to watch them too! He says not to think of him as an author, but a guy who like to see good stories told to children. He believes all children should have books they love and hope to empower children with his books. Smith hope to see “Toy Boy Adventures” in all schools across the country one day, maybe even the world!


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